Business Services - Growth through quality client service and commitment

Growth Through Quality Client Service and Commitment

Business Services

I serve clients, both individual and small business in the greater Darling Downs area.  I embrace the cloud which allows me to also be of service to clients Australia wide, I find this very inspiring, motivating and exciting as it opens up the world for new opportunities and new people.


LDA Accounting provides personalised accounting services and advice to a broad range of clients ensuring your tax and accounting decisions are made carefully taking your best interests into consideration.  One of my passions are to help and guide clients through the process of starting or purchasing a new business, for example, deciding on business structure, and business structure set-up for your circumstances, business name registration and ASIC account establishment, ABN and GST registrations, setting up payroll and finding the correct award to pay employees.  

Come and see me around April/May every year to have a Tax Plan completed. The purpose of a Tax Plan is to highlight any possible problems early and strategically deal with them before the financial year is over,  because once the year is over it will too late. Tax planning is essential and can potentially minimise what could be a large tax payable at year end. If your circumstances change, or if property or investments are sold are examples of situations where tax planning would be very helpful for you.

I work with:

– Family businesses in industries such as health, professional services, investors, franchisees, trades, hair and beauty, and more - 

– investors, business owners, and employees –